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  • Proposal Planning

    Do you just not know how to pop the question or want to wow? Experienced wedding planners already have the skills needed to put together a successful proposal. We will work with you to create a memorable and romantic occasion truly designed for you. We will match vendors and pay attention to detail.

  • Small Weddings & Elopement

    What if you want a celebration but don’t want the whole to do or the expense of many guests? Why not have an elopement wedding? It’s definitely different than the days our parents or grandparents eloped. Today’s Wedding elopement has pizazz. Invite your closest friends and family or run off by yourselves with the officiant and photographer. What if you want to run off and still share your celebration with your family? Set up Skype on your laptop. After the ceremony walk around showing the venue or unique location, dress and details you created. We can help you create an alternative to a regular wedding and still have the memories. This alternative gives you the option to set the location without worry that your guests will not be able to afford the travel.

  • Out of the Box Wedding Styling & Design

    From Proposal to Engagement parties to the invitations, an event artist will come up with unique and creative projects for our clients to produce.


    We have a ton of ideas that will help the bride and groom. From the invitations, chair treatments, the special lighting to set the special mood and ambiance to the event sign-age that makes your wedding truly yours. Each client’s celebration is a mixture of art. We design site plans, build custom pieces, craft one-of-a-kind details, source furniture, lighting, wine, food, music, flowers, and will even scour flea markets, prop houses and unique stores to find the perfect pieces. All of this art is combined in the name of a happy celebration.


    We will find vendors and resources that will fit any budget and style. We will help you have fun and keep organized with time lines, budgets and reminders.

  • Floral

    We feature personal floral items and accessories for the bride and groom such as bouquets boutonnieres, corsages and centerpieces both traditional and non-traditional like buttons and scrapbook items. Whatever the theme of the wedding we can coordinate the floral and accessories to accentuate with the total theme.

  • Invitations, Save The Dates, Menus, and Envelopes

    We love to work with paper and scrapbook products and either can create a one of a kind invitation, menus or save-the-date and envelopes to match. We can either make the paper stuff or show you how. We have an event artist to do the lost art of calligraphy or choose a special font that compliments your celebration.

  • Décor Design

    We offer unique ideas for your celebration décor. We take your likes, hobbies, favorite colors and love of life and incorporate it into a plan. Do you have a ton of ideas and don’t know what to do with them? We can do this for you. With our décor designers and creative team, we will design an event that will knock the socks off your guests!

  • Romance Settings

    We specialize in Romantic Date Nights and use our artistic talents to create a “Romance Area” for your celebration that will allow the bride and groom to slip off for a moment alone, a photo opportunity or for your guests to sit back and enjoy the wedding from a distance. Whatever the theme we will build the romance area to be a reflection of the whole wedding style.

  • Lighting

    We have our own lighting company to design the ambience, put the spotlight on your monogram. Do you want a certain romantic gazebo or canoe with you and your groom? We will light the scene!

  • Entertainment

    Whether you want a DJ with your brand of music or an entertainer that coordinates with the theme, we can help you find just the right one. Designed to please, we have a background in the Entertainment hiring process and will work together with you to find just the right “fun” for your celebration.

  • Fashion

    Traditional or non-traditional, we can help you with the ideal fashion look, costume or fashion accessories. Do you have an idea for a special veil or garter? Do you have an embroidered or crocheted linen or doily Grandma made? We can create a unique piece just for you.

  • Hair and Makeup Artist

    We have a hair and makeup artist not new to the industry that can create that look you most desire. Incorporate a vintage hair style and make up look to your 1920’s wedding.

  • Photography and Videography

    Our Team of professional photographers works with you to capture every detail of your wedding, your wedding proposal or any part of your celebration. After all isn’t it the details that sets your wedding apart from the rest? Capture your fondest moments forever with a film produced by a professional videographer.

  • Bakery and Sweets

    Yes, having a cake for a wedding dessert and tradition goes back a long way. But how about having a cake baked with a special flavor and filling and have the cake look beautiful or whimsical at the same time? Did you like Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwiches as a child? Incorporate a peanut butter cake with jelly filling. Did you have root beer floats on your first date? Have a Root beer float bar? Guests also love wedding pies and cookies. When having children (young or old), have a candy bar with some of your favorite sweet memories. Add tags to your bar.

  • Signature Drinks

    Add a signature drink and make it a “mocktail” or cocktail. Give it personality and color. Serve it in a fancy glass or add a straw or garnish and even the teetotalers will enjoy and feel a part of the festivity. Serve the drink in a pretty dispenser at a beverage station, or in a pretty bottle and have a tag with your special monogram or artwork. We can create your signature drink and style of container for your look.

  • Three Day Weddings

    Three day weddings are becoming quite the buzz with guests nowadays. It is all about the fun and entertainment that creates the wow effect and the guests leave the wedding (finally) saying it was the best wedding ever. Start out with your first day of fun and relaxation and if at a venue that allows, play games, walk in the forest, fish or sit down to a board game. Tea time, brunch or appetizers are the trend. Make sure we add signage to convey information. These all can be a special part of the décor!!


  • Corporate Events

    Staging a new product launch, introducing new members of the team or celebrating bench marks is a crucial part to each companies success and culture. We will design the table decor, floral design, catering, and hiring the entertainment. We help you create an environment and theme that promotes all that your company is, making it a memorable moment.

  • Birthday Celebrations

    A day to celebrate the lives of of the ones you care about. We help you achieve those memorable moments with the ones you love. Whether it's an intimate backyard gathering or a large gala of family and friends we can help create in any setting.

  • “Girls Day” (All Ages)

    Let us provide all the necessary details so you ladies don’t have to!!! How about a Spa day with hair and makeup, tinsel or feathers, manicures and pedicures? We’ll put together all the essentials to make the day great.

  • “Love”

    From romantic nights to engagement parties and anniversaries, we will spread the room with love! We can help you coordinate the total experience, a photographer capturing those moments to creating the perfect ambiance.


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